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ESSENTIAL - EUGENE PERMA - Haircare Treatments


Haircare Treatments

Researchers Eugene Perma have identified various sources of imbalance of hair and elaborate rituals of custom beauty , to respond to the specific needs of any kind. With ESSENTIEL of Eugene Perma Professionnel is the
research is at the service of the vitality of the hair and offers high-precision treatments with new active ingredients.
Advantages: each product is conceived as a , first pressing, in order to get a treatment that penetrates deep into the hair or fibre of the scalp to give off the action of the active ingredient , in dealing with a specific issue in depth and give a full sense of well-being. All products are dermatologically tested.
ESSENTIEL treatments offer a line for every need of the hair or the scalp , each with a different core technology and a different reference color. It belongs to the range of hair pointing NUTRIGENESSE sensitized and ultra-sensitized.

dry and sensitized hair the best seller of the ESSENTIEL

The Ceramidik complex , Mimetic ceramides-based , restores the lipid balance of the hair with a proper supply of essential lipids. Repairs the damage of concrete fiber lipid , preventing hair breakage and the reappearance of split ends. The hair together throughout their youth. Perfectly untangled are regenerated and is no longer affected by episodes of , dryness, . The shampoo nourishes and restructures the hair fiber is thanks to a smoothing effect on the cuticle for l, azione Ceramidik complex.
Search results: feeds , plays and restructures the fiber. Helps to untangle the hair. Gives softness and brightness.
packing: flacon of 250 and 1000 ml.

Body TREATMENT OIL and hair
the must haves of ESSENTIEL

The oil TREATMENT is a real moment of pleasure to give away the hair and entire body. Is a luxurious ritual that restores hair gloss and extreme softness. The oil has exceptional properties. The non-greasy texture reveals all hair beauty and nourishes their deep fiber.
Search results: penetrates immediately into the hair. Strengthens and revitalizes. Nourishes in depth.
packaging: 100 ml bottle.

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