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CYCLE VITAL - EUGENE PERMA - Haircare Treatments


Haircare Treatments

The perfect Alliance between science and nature at the service of hair beauty.
• favours the natural ingredients , while retaining a cosmetic effect;
• do not use raw materials of animal origin;
• is free from parabens;
• is dermatologically tested.
Each segment of the line contains a natural active ingredient associated with an active ingredient of tecnologico , created by
Eugene Perma laboratories in Paris.

straightening treatment the best seller of the VITAL CYCLE

The active ingredient of natural line is the Rosa Gallica is famous for its softening , that is extracted from organic roses. The active ingredient of tecnologico is the Lustreplex , that makes hair shiny , makes it easy to fold and anti-humidity and Anti-Frizz.
Search results: protects the fibre during straightening. Facilitates the use of the brush while drying. Reduces Frizz. Protects from hairdryer aggression and hair straighteners.
packaging: bottle with 150 ml spray nozzle.

ORGANIC OLIVE OIL with red hibiscus
thin and normal hair

The greatest inspiration of Cycle Vital is represented by multi-action , created by the fusion of a fluid with a hair oil. Ecocert certified organic oil is extracted in Indonesia by falling a tropical plant is Moluccana is rich in vitamin e. dried Oil from the unique sensory profile: non-greasy , penetrates quickly , has a soft finish on hair and non-sticky. The oil derived from a production chain eco-responsible , involving the local community. The oil also contains red hibiscus flower that possesses antioxidant properties , soothing and hydrating properties and improves softness , flexibility and gloss of hair. Vitamin P inside plays a strong capillary protective action is responding to the needs of normal to fine hair. Finally, Omega 3 essential fatty acids not summarized by our body , that help maintain the hair, s moisture and protect against the effects of aging is due to their regenerative properties.
Search results: regenerates and repairs the hair fiber. Softens and moisturizes and helps drying and styling. Strengthens. Gives shine to hair. Protects hair from UV and UVB and external aggressions caused by heat from a hairdryer and plates.
packaging: bottle with 150 ml spray nozzle.

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