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BLACK TONER - BLACK - Hair Tone on Tone

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BLACK - Hair Tone on Tone


nourishes, intensifies the color in 3 minutes
TONER BLACK is a cosmetic treatment that brightens and intensifies the reflection of natural and colored hair. It gives excellent results, long-lasting, to be repeated after 3-5 shampoos, depending on the structure of the hair.
Shades is available in 8 shades.
• BLACK TONER honey enhances and brightens the golden hues of blond hair. Ideal to brighten up the blonde streaks.
• TONER BLACK beige : particularly delicate coloring, which is useful to mitigate the yellow hues and give the hair a natural reflex. Also great for neutralizing the streaks become overly yellow.
• BLACK TONER chocolate : revives and intensifies all shades chestnut. Also perfect for making brilliant shades of auburn hair.
• BLACK TONER marron glacé : intensifies and makes brilliant shades of hot. Ideal for reviving the reflection of hot streaks already off.
• BLACK TONER copper intensifies and illuminates the coppery shades. Also excellent for turning blonde streaks in a beautiful copper color.
• Red BLACK TONER : intensifies and makes brilliant red shades. Also perfect for the red streaks already off.
• BLACK TONER silver contrasts and eliminates unsightly yellow hues of gray hair. Remove debris from yellow streaks.
• purple BLACK TONER : enhances and brightens the tone violin and mahogany.
box: 250 ml bottles