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Mineral Oil, New
Mineral Oil, New - HIPERTIN - Haircare Treatments


Mineral Oil, New
Haircare Treatments

Oil with mineral particles of Precious Stones and Oils of Argan and Camelia

Mineral Oil is a product formulated from active proteins of precious stones that revitalizes, nourishes and protects hair thanks to the extraordinary properties of stones and minerals such as Diamond, Mother of Pearl, Turquoise & Opal.
The mineral proteins of precious stones act on the inner capillary structure, filling the cracks of battered, dry and frizzy hair, causing them to strengthen and regenerate deep.
In turn, vegetable oils wrap and seal the cuticola protecting the outside of the hair fiber.
This perfect combination of precious stones and oils creates a uniform film around the capillary fiber, fixing the precious stones on the outside of the hair, so as to increase the reflections of light on the hair when the sun's rays hit their surface thus achieving a brilliant result that maximizes their splendor

way of use on damp hair: apply 5ml (3 pulses) on the palm of the hand emtete from the lengths to the tips. Massage with your fingertips and untangle. Do not rinse. For all hair types.

Way to use on dry hair: apply 2ml (1 pulse) on the palm of your hand gently evasive from lengths to tips. Do not apply more product than recommended. For all hair types.

Pack: 1 100ml bottle

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